Attending The Birth

A Guide for Grandparents


Attending Your Grandchild’s Birth: A Guide for Grandparents, by Carolynn Bauer Zorn, should be required reading for the millions of baby boomers who are heading to the delivery room for their grandchild’s birth. Attending the birth is a great way to begin the lifelong love affair with your grandchild. Containing numerous anecdotes from those who have been there, this is the only pregnancy and childbirth book written for grandparents.

This book offers expectant grandparents some information about the birth event and how they can help. Hospital birthing has changed considerably since today’s grandparents had their children.  Besides pregnancy and birth, one chapter discusses the safety of grandchildren when they come to visit and a chapter called, “What If There Is No Baby To Bring Home,” discusses birth complications and sad birth events.

“My aim is to prepare grandparents and to give them useful tools so they can be the best they can be on one of the most memorable days of their life,” says author Carolynn Zorn

ISBN 1-58500-799-4 (LCCN 99-96821)  Available by order at most major bookstores and from online booksellers. Here (this is how you write the page)